Business Development

Helping our clients to grow their business and to be successful is our core objective. 

This is the key to the unique relationship we have with our clients.

Our specialist skills and experience will assist you with the development and improvement of your business and services throughout the Business Life Cycle.

 The core elements of the Business Life Cycle are:

  • Commencement – the start-up of the business
  • Growth – often rapid at first and may then plateau; very limited management resources
  • Maturity – resources and customer base established providing soundness of business
  • Succession – time for handing over the reins to new members of management

Our service capability have been designed and structured to assist you throughout the life cycle stages. 

Business Development Services include: 

  • Organisational structures and development 
  • Business Valuations and Evaluations
  • Assistance with Buying or Selling a Business
  • Pricing & Charge out rate assistance
  • Strategic and operational planning 
  • Financial budgeting and modelling
  • Business Monitoring Reporting & Strategic Assistance 
  • Succession Planning